Get Lost - in the ancient trackways of the Lake District and Cumbria

Get Lost - in the ancient trackways of the Lake District and Cumbria

PARSON'S Passage, Bloody Bones Lane, Ticklebelly Alley, Lovers Lonning, Giggle Alley... Cumbria has some wonderful paths but not all of them appear on maps; many are only known to local villagers.

Get Lost details where these ancient tracks can be found and reveals the stories behind them.

The likes of Squeezed Gut Lonning and Nanny Knockabouts are not named on OS maps, Google Earth or Sat-Nav but this book will reveal where you can find them.

And yes, we do note the irony of putting footpaths that aren't on maps - and putting them on a map!

We did think twice about doing it. Surely, we thought, it would be better to keep these paths to ourselves? But what's the point of knowing a secret if you can't share it with someone!

Here's a glimpse at just some of what the book includes...

  • A way with the fairies - There have been a surprising number of fairy sightings in Cumbria over the ages. We include several including fairy paths at Borrowdale, Coniston and Caldbeck.
  • The Sessions Trail - A charming path from Howtown to the old St Martin's Church which was used by bobbin mill apprentices when they were required to sing in the choir.
  • Postman's Trods - The dawn of the digital age means the golden age of letter writing and delivering post by hand may soon be at an end. But within Cumbria, postmen have left their part with a number of Postman's Paths - shortcuts that have been adopted as official footpaths; a wonderful legacy.
  • Lonnings - A return to our favourite type of Cumbrian path: the lonning. Short, low-level walks along charming country lanes. Discover Boggle Lonning, Lovers Lonning, Tatie Pot Lonning and more.
  • Back Lane - When James Robinson worked at the paper mill in Burneside in the late 19th Century he walked each day along Back Lane. He noted the wildlife, flowers and birds en route, publishing these in a delightful booklet. Back Lane still exists and you can revisit it to see the wildlife for yourself.
  • Dobbies and Boggles - That's ghosts to you and I. Meet (among others) the Ghost of Ealinghearth - the only ghost in the UK known to be responsible for someone's death! But fear not, he's not been seen or heard for many years. But it's well worth risking an encounter to enjoy the beautiful 99 beeches.
  • Holy wells - Cumbria has perhaps 200 holy wells but most are neglected and all but forgotten. We details where they are so you can seek them out.
  • The Servants Path - Wander back in time with a walk along the path used by servants to get to church.

Get Lost also includes some sound advice on how to not get lost, including maps, grid references, postcodes and information on other attractions in the vicinity of the paths.

And there's even a chapter on 'lost words' - the Cumbrian dialect at risk of being lost.

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