A Boot Up The Durham Dales

A Boot Up The Durham Dales

The scenery and history of Weardale and Teesdale owe everything to geology, from the granite bedrock, through the sandstones, shales and limestone of the Carboniferous period to the dolerite intrusions of the Great Whin Sill.

The North Pennines lead mining industry was once the most productive in the world, accounting for one-third of Britainís output, in this most industrialised region in the country. Its legacy remains in countless shafts, drifts, quarries and ruins that impart a unique strength of beauty to an already wildly beautiful landscape.

As industry dominated the valley floors, agriculture was forced onto the hillsides, leading to the evolution of an ecology, favoured by damp, cool conditions, that is now rare in Europe.The resulting hay meadows are the colourful spring and summer glory of the Durham Dales.

Most of the walks, of between 3 and 7Ĺ miles, follow valley tracks and public rights-of-way, with a few venturing onto the more open moorlands, and are generally suitable for families.

They are ideal for visitors who wish to acquaint themselves with the Durham Dales, either on a short trip or a more extended holiday to the region. Together, they paint a comprehensive picture, yet will tempt the walker into wanting to see more.

The ten walks are:

  • Baal HillWood
  • Frosterley and Harehope Quarry
  • Rookhope and Boltís Law
  • St Johnís Chapel and Ireshopeburn
  • Killhope Law
  • Monkís Moor and Hudeshope Valley
  • Coldberry Gutter
  • High Force and Holwick Scars
  • The Circuit of Widdybank Fell
  • Blackton Reservoir, Baldersdale.
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