Alston and Allendale in the North Pennines

Alston and Allendale in the North Pennines

The walks in the practical pocket-sized guide are within England's largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It comes complete with route descriptions, sketch maps, illustrations and much background information.

22 great walks, concisely described and well illustrated lead you into every corner of this enchanting part of the North Pennines.

From charismatic Alston and Allendale Town explore historic lead mining country at Nenthead, Garrigill and Allenheads.

Stride out over heather moors and along lush riverbanks, discover flowery meadows, sparkling waterfalls and rocky gorges.

The walk locations are:

Garrigill, the Corpse Road - 5.5 miles
Garrigill, South Tyne's Banks - 5.75 miles
Ashgill Force - 3.25 miles
Nenthead - 5.5 miles
Nent Valley - 8.25 miles
Alston, South Tyne Views - 4.5 miles
Alston, The Wardway - 6 miles
Whitley Castle - 6.75 miles
Knarsdale - 6.5 miles
Lambley, The Maiden Way - 7 miles
Lambley Viaduct - 5.25 miles
Featherstone Park - 5 miles
Broomhouse Common - 5.75 miles
Staward Peel - 6.25 miles
Mo Hope Valley - 4.75 miles
West Allen Dale - 4.75 miles
The Dodd - 5.5 miles
Allendale Common - 6.5 miles
Holmes Linn - 6.75 miles
Allendale Town, Allenmill Chimneys - 7 miles
East Allen Dale - 7 miles
Hexhamshire Common - 7.25 miles

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