Scrambles in the Lake District - South
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Scrambles in the Lake District - South

The Lake District's rich mix of rocks, gills and crags offers the scrambler a complex variety of routes, often well removed from the beaten track.

Each section includes a map showing the location of the scrambles, and routes are accompanied by information on the best approach, along with a sketch diagram of the crag and the route line. The book includes invaluable of advice on equipment, safety, rope techniques, and scrambling techniques, as well as notes on access and conservation

Scrambling is a way of enjoying the wilder Lakeland and can take you away from the crowds even in the most popular parts of the Lake District. This guide covers Langdale, Coniston, Duddon, Eskdale, Longsleddale and Kentmere in 126 scramble routes graded 1 to 4. In addition, a star system highlights the best routes. It also contains: advice on how to approach scrambling safely and with confidence; overview maps as well as sketch diagrams of the crags and routes; introductions to each area mentioned, indicating the type of rock and any recommendations; and information on the approach, character, grade and route of each scramble.


Route 1 Raven Crag
Route 2 White Crag
Route 3 Thorn Crag
Route 4 Loft Crag Buttress
Route 5 South-East Gully, Gimmer
Route 6 Dungeon Ghyll, Lower Section
Route 7 Dungeon Ghyll, Upper Ravine
Route 8 Pike Howe
Route 9 Stickle (Mill) Gill

Tarn Crag

Route 10 The Groove, Tarn Crag
Route 11 The Spur, Tarn Crag
Route 12 East Rib, Tarn Crag
Route 13 Tarn Crag Gill
Route 14 White Gill Edge
Route 15 Scale Gill

Pavey Ark

Route 16 Jack's Rake
Route 17 Pavey Far East
Route 18 Crescent Climb, Pavey Ark

Harrison Stickle

Route 19 South-West Face, Harrison Stickle
Route 20 South Central Buttress, Harrison Stickle
Route 21 South-East Ridge, Harrison Stickle
Route 22 East Ridge, Harrison Stickle

Pike of Stickle

Route 23 Main Face, Pike of Stickle
Route 24 The Grey Band Route, Pike of Stickle
Route 25 West Ridge, Pike of Stickle
Route 26 West Gully Ribs, Pike of Stickle
Route 27 Stake Gill
Route 28 Bowfell Links, Pinnacle Rib
Route 29 Rossett Slabs
Route 30 Allen Crags Gill
Route 31 Esk Pike, North West Spur


Route 32 Browney Gill, Lower Section
Route 33 Browney Gill, Upper Section
Route 34 Hell Gill
Route 35 Crinkle Gill

Crinkle Crags

Route 36 Crinkle Crags Buttress

Pike of Blisco

Route 37 Long Scar, Old Holborn
Route 38 Little Acorn, Black Crag
Route 39 Scrambler's Corner, Black Crag
Route 40 Redacre Gill
Route 41 Side Pike, South Ridge


Route 42 Sourmilk Gill
Route 43 Easedale Gill
Route 44 Belles Knott
Route 45 Gibson Knott, Horn Crag (Route 1)
Route 46 Helm Crag

The Coniston Fells

Route 47 The Bell
Route 48 Low Water Beck
Route 49 Brim Fell Slabs

Coppermines Valley

Route 50 Levers Water Beck
Route 51 Simon's Nick Ridge
Route 52 Gill Cove Crag, North Edge
Route 53 Cove Rib
Route 54 Raven Tor

Great How and Little How

Route 55 Little How
Route 56 Great How

Coniston Village

Route 57 Long Crag Buttress
Route 58 Long Crag, Boulder Route
Route 59 Mouldry Bank and Rascal How
Route 60 Church Beck, Coniston
Route 61 Sunlight Slabs

Upper Red Dell

Route 62 Lower Hows
Route 63 Upper Hows
Route 64 Low Wether Crag
Route 65 High Wether Crag

Yewdale and Tilberthwaite

Route 66 Raven Crag, Yewdale
Route 67 Pussie's Paradise
Route 68 Tilberthwaite Gill
Route 69 Swallow Scar

Birk Fell

Route 70 Route One, Borlase Crags
Route 71 Route Two, Borlase Crags


Route 72 Glassy Crag
Route 73 Glassy Crag Continuation Ribs
Route 74 White Gill


Route 75 Long Crag, Wetherlam

Great Carrs

Route 76 Great Carrs Buttress
Route 77 Great Carrs, Central Buttress
Route 78 Coniston Old Man, Goat Crag

Dow Crag

Route 79 Easy Terrace and its continuation
Route 80 Easter Gully and Intermediate Gully
Route 81 E-Buttress
Route 82 F-Buttress

Duddon Valley

The Seathwaite Valley (Tarn Beck Area)

Route 83 Tarn Beck
Route 84 Throng Close Buttress
Route 85 Crag Band Buttress
Route 86 Little Blake Rigg

Seathwaite Tarn


Route 87 Shudderstone How and Near Hill Crag
Route 88 Raven Nest How
Route 89 Far Hill Crag
Route 90 Great Blake Rigg
Route 91 White Pike
Route 92 Hollin How and Basin Barrow
Route 93 Harter Fell by Brandy Crag
Route 94 Castle How
Route 95 Hardknott Gill
Route 96 Border End
Route 97 Little Stand
Route 98 Stonesty Gill
Route 99 Red How from Wrynose Bottoms


Lower Eskdale
Route 100 North-West Crags, Harter Fell
Route 101 The Harter Beanie
Route 102 Low Birker Force
Cook Crag and Green Crag


Route 103 Crook Crag by Great Whinscale
Route 104 Green Crag, West Side
Route 105 Scale Gill (Cowcove Beck)
Route 106 The Esk Gorge
Route 107 Great Gill
Route 108 Bursting Gills
Route 109 Lingcove Beck

Upper Eskdale

Route 110 Cam Spout
Route 111 Scafell –South-East Side, Greencove Wyke
Route 112 Cam Spout Crag
Route 113 Tom Fox's Crag
Route 114 Horn Crag, Slight Side
Route 115 Thor's Buttress and Pen
Route 116 South-East Face, Ill Crag
Route 117 Cockly Pike Ridge, Ill Crag
Route 118 Esk Pike Fortress


Route 119 Raven Crag, Kentmere
Route 120 East Ridge, Rainsborrow Crag
Route 121 South Gill, Rainsborrow Crag


Route 122 Galeforth Gill
Route 123 Tarn Crag, Pinnacle Ribs
Route 124 Buckbarrow Crag, Left Edge
Route 125 River Sprint

The Howgill Fells

Route 126 Black Force and Carlingill

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