Borth to Strata Florida
A truly fabulous route

Borth to Strata Florida

Without any additions the length is only 41ĺ miles making it eminently suitable for a 4 day excursion. However, variations are included for a total of 45Ĺ miles and if the additional walk to Borth from Aberystwyth is undertaken then the total is 51Ĺ miles. Originally the first part of this walk only went from Borth to Devilís Bridge. This was known as the Mal Evans Way, named after the man who was once the chairman of the Aberystwyth Group of the Ramblers Association before the signed walk was extended to Pontrhydfendigaid. The walk to Strata Florida is well signed.

Although there are route signs they can disappear and some sections are not well marked. However, new signs are appearing where route finding is more difficult whilst some signs are showing their age. As such they rot and fall down and then somehow move away from where they are supposed to be! During forestry work this is particularly true. One section in particular goes through a felled area and signs are few and far between, but the ones that are there are correctly placed.

Borth is conveniently situated on the Cambrian Coast Railway, close to Aberystwyth. Pontrhydfendigaid is linked by a bus service to Aberystwyth to return to after the walk. From here it is then possible to walk the 6 miles long coastal path to return to Borth. The scenery is very varied from coastal, river, woodland, upland moors to farmland. There is also much mining history attached to the area. The alternative walk described in the guide through the Hafod Estate is a must and is much more interesting than the normal way. Mining information can be gleaned from the information panels, by the Spirit of the Miners, along the route but additional information is included in the walk description.

An excellent expedition through a fine part of mid Wales.

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