Navigation Techniques for Off-Road Runners

Navigation Techniques for Off-Road Runners

The book has been written from the perspective of the runner and in particular for those runners who use navigation competitively within trail running, fell and hill running and competing in such events as the OMM, Saunders, Lowe Alpine, Highlander and Rab mountain marathons.

Written in an easy to understand manner the book begins with the basic skills that the beginner to navigation would require such as the nature of maps, using handrails and taking a bearing. It then moves through the various techniques necessary to be a more experienced and competent navigator such as rough and fine navigation and route choice.

With off-road running the ability of knowing where you are going is a fundamental skill. Unfortunately for many runners the secrets of navigation are akin to the secrets of the dark arts of black magic. Specifically with the runner in mind, this book presents in an easy to understand manner all the skills and techniques that are required for the beginner through to the advanced user. 'Navigation for Off-Road Runners' will give you the confidence to go further.

  1. Introduction
  2. What Do We Mean By Navigation
  3. Who Uses Navigation and Why
    Checkpoints and Controls
  4. Access
  5. Tools
    Red Pen
    Pacing Scale
    Map Measurer
    Mapping Software
  6. Map Reading
    Types of Map
    Anatomy of a Map
    Map Scale
    Grid Lines
    Contour Lines
    Concave and Convex Slopes
    Line Features
    Contour Features
    Point Features
    Symbols on Maps
    Other Items Shown on Maps
    Magnetic Variation
    The Importance of Trig Points
    The Problem with Maps
  7. Fundamental Skills
    Understanding Grid Numbers
    Plotting a Grid Reference onto a Map
    Setting the Map
    Taking a Bearing
    Keeping on Course
    Taking a Back-bearing
    Thumbing the Map
    Using Features to Monitor Progress
    Reading the Map While Running
    Memorising the Map
  8. Advanced Skills
    Rough and Fine Navigation
    Attack Points
    Estimating Slope Angle
    Estimating Distance Using Pacing
    Estimating Distance Using Time
    Estimating Distance by Eye
    Which Technique to Use for Estimating
  9. Techniques
    Handrail Technique
    Catching Features
    Running on the Needle
    Steveís string
    Bobís law
    Stuís law
    Using the other senses
  10. Route choice
    The Basic Route Choice Decisions
    Factors That Influence Decision Making
    Foreshortening Effect
    Recognising Ground and Terrain Types and How They Affect Route Decisions
    Breaking a Leg Down into Sections
    Gauging Stream Widths
    The Effects of Weather on Route Choice
  11. Controls
  12. Navigating in Darkness and Poor Visibility
  13. Other Problems for Navigation
  14. Training and Exercises
    Route Notes
  15. Summary

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