Short Walks on the Malvern Hills

Short Walks on the Malvern Hills

Our guide comes with easy-to-read Ordnance Survey maps and clear route descriptions, perfect if you're new to walking or are looking for something you can enjoy with the whole family.

We've included information on local beauty spots and tasty refreshment stops, and most of the walks can be completed in under 3 hours. We haven't included any walks with challenging terrain or complicated navigation, and all you'll need to take with you are a waterproof jacket and a pair of comfortable trainers.

The walk locations are:

Great Malvern Priory and Worcestershire Beacon - 4 miles
Malvhina fountain and St Ann's Well - 2.25 miles
Around North Hill on Lady Howard de Walden Drive - 2.5 miles
Woodland and apple orchard walk - 4.25 miles
Worcestershire Beacon from the Wyche Cutting - 2.5 miles
British Camp Iron Age hill fort - 1.5 miles
Black Hill - 2.5 miles
Wynds Point (British Camp) from Colwall - 3.75 miles
Holy Well from Gardiner's Quarry - 3.75 miles
The Southern Hills - 4.75 miles
Eastnor obelisk - 3 miles
St Wulstan's Nature Reserve - 1.5 miles
Around Malvern Common - 2.5 miles
Malvern Community Woodland - 1.5 miles
Old Hills - 2.25 miles

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