The Dales 30

The Dales 30

As well as a good challenge they also provide an excellent reason to visit many of the popular, and less popular, areas in the Dales.

The 'Dales 30' is a 120 page, full colour, guide to the mountains of the Dales.

The main features of the book are

  • Each of the 30 mountains includes the following:
  • A full description of the Best Route
  • Alternative routes are also described
  • A personal view of the mountain from the author
  • High quality, colour photography
  • A sketch map showing the route & alternatives
  • Facts and anecdotes about the mountain and the nearby area.
  • A description of excellent hills in the Dales which do not make the magic 2,000 foot. 
  • Other local experts give their view on alternative aspects of the Dales 30 such as the 3 Peaks Challenge, the maintenance of the paths and public transport in the area.

ISBN 9780995673519
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