The Scafells - A Grand Tour

The Scafells - A Grand Tour

It describes the Ordnance Survey’s work in measuring the highest mountains in England and the bizarre story of the naming of Scafell Pike. It retells the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge's own account of his hair-raising descent from Sca Fell and the account by William Wordsworth's sister, Dorothy, of her ascent of Scafell Pike.

 It tells the story of the birth of the sport of rock climbing and the unusual upper-class Victorian gentlemen who enjoyed the physical risk to the bemusement of their hosts in the local Wasdale community. 

Interwoven with these and other stories, is the long history of sheep farming and its environmental legacy, and the pressures on the environment and local communities arising from the large numbers of visitors who are attracted to this ‘must see' mountain area.

ISBN 9781399941266
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