Walks around Gunnerside

Walks around Gunnerside

The small village of Gunnerside lies in the heart of Swaledale, which is regarded by many as the most stunning of all the Yorkshire Dales.

Originally settled by the Vikings in the dark years following the end of the Roman occupation, Gunnerside has seen many changes over the millennia but nowadays it is perhaps best known for being one of the traditional, stone built little villages that inhabit these rugged dales.

However, step away from the well-worn tourist trail to discover the country surrounding it and you will find a rich and varied heritage lying hidden amongst the fields and moors of this landscape. In a series of eight walks starting from the village, the author explores the countryside surrounding it and the legacy that a hard and stern history has left behind.

Walk 1. Dubbing Garth Lane & Gunnerside Bottoms.

Walk 2. Old Gang Circular.
Special feature. Old Gang Mines.

Walk 3. Smarber & Rowleth Wood.
Special feature. Wood pasture.

Walk 4. Swinner Gill.
Special feature. Swinner Gill Kirk.

Walk 5. Brandy Bottle Incline & Friarfold Rake.

Walk 6. Standard & Brownsey Moor.
Special feature. Shallow shafts.

Walk 7. Muker Circular.

Walk 8. Summer Lodge & the watershed.
Special feature. Summer Lodge Lead Mine.

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