Cornwall - Cycling Country Lanes

Cornwall - Cycling Country Lanes

Although short sections of busier roads have sometimes had to be used to complete a circuit even the quietest lanes can be busy for short periods, as local people travel to & from work & school.

To avoid sending cars along the very roads you are going to cycle, these routes have been designed, in the main, to begin at towns or villages, close to major roads, or from railway stations.

Most inland routes tend to be reasonably easy going, but be prepared for short, steep climbs, in and out of coastal valleys & bays. This is often via narrow sunken lanes & these take a little getting used to, so always be ready for the possibility of meeting vehicles on descents. This is particularly true during the 6 summer weeks when sections of the narrowest coastal lanes can become completely snarled up by a few cars.

For maximum enjoyment at this time of year, coastal sections are best ridden in the early morning, or in some cases, avoided by using inland variants.

A few Recommended Routes/Trails

The Mineral Tramways Trails:

These trails celebrate Cornwall’s industrial past. There are 60km/37 miles of trails suitable for cycling, walking, jogging & horse riding. The majority of these are on tarmac or gravel paths, & are off-road. Most of these trails follow the old tramway & railway routes that were used to transport the ore & supplies to & from the copper & tin mines, to the ports at Portreath & Devoran.

1. Coast to Coast Trail; 17km/11miles.
Park at the Bike Chain Bissoe Bike Hire. The first tram road or plate way in Cornwall to serve the Gwennap Mines with the historic harbours, Portreath & Devoran. Passes by wildlife & ancient woodland. (F10)

2. Great Flat Lode Trail; 12km/7miles.
Park at King Edward Mine (Museum). A circular route with some steep sections explores the landscape of tin & copper mines from the 1860s. Panoramic views of South Crofty Mine when you climb Carn Brea. (E10)

3. Tehidy Trail; 4km/2.5miles.
Park in Portreath. Linear route using the tracks & trails through Tehidy Country Park former home of Sir Francis Basset, Lord de Dunstanville. (E9)

4. Portreath Branchline Trail; 9km/5miles.
Built in 1836 as the Hayle Railway to connect the engineering works of Hayle & Copperhouse with the Camborne/Redruth mines. The trail leads to the Great Flat Lode Trail by using quiet roads. (E9)

5. Redruth & Chasewater Railway Trail; 12km/7miles. Park at Twelveheads. Based on the old railway lines that carried wagons from mines around Gwennap & Redruth to the port of Devoran. The trail is mostly off-road with some major roads to cross. (F10)

6.Tresavean Trail;1.8km/1.1mies.
Short off-road route linked to the above. Park in Lanner or at Buller Hill P. (E10)

It connects Cornwall Gold & Tolgus Mill with the Coast to Coast Trail. Set west of Cambose & follows the Portreath Valley. Here tin was excavated from 1602. An 1818 map details water-powered stream works along this valley. (E9)

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