Rock Trails Lakeland - A Hillwalker's Guide to the Geology & Scenery

Rock Trails Lakeland - A Hillwalker's Guide to the Geology & Scenery

"Rock Trails Lakeland", divided into two parts, is intended to help those who love the Lake District's mountain scenery to understand how this beautiful landscape came about.

The first half narrates the story of colliding continents, volcanoes, mountain-building and glaciations in creating the Lakeland, explaining why volcanoes occurred, the rocks they created and how to interpret signs of mountain-building and glaciations on the ground.

The second half describes recommended walks of differing levels of difficulty, all with a wide variety of geological features to be seen and, most important, with consistently fantastic views of the very best of the Lake District's wonderful scenery.

The author has concentrated on what you can see as you walk around the hills, highlighting conspicuous, easily visible features in rocks as well as the overall shape of the terrain while accounting for the present-day landscape.

ISBN 9781906095154
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